Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tuesday: Day 2 of Competition

Arguably the best session of athletics so far, Tuesday evening held several finals with a few medal contenders.

To kick start the evening, Ben Wilén ran in the men's 3,000m steeplechase. Unfortunately for Ben, a recurring injury meant he had to pull out of the race mid-way through to see Jersey's Dan Robinson push through for silver. Ben is running in the men's 5,000m on Wednesday evening... More info to follow shortly.

In the women's 400m we had 2 Guernsey girls, Emma Le Conte and Nat Whitty, as well as adopted Guernsey girl, Emma Leaske, running for Shetland. They were up against stiff opposition from Jersey's Hazel Le Cornu and Gemma Dawkins, although they faired well in what proved to be an intense race (to watch as well as compete in...). Emma Leake crossed the line in silver, just behind Jersey's Hazel Le Cornu with Emma Le Conte and Nat Whitty following in 4th and 6th.

Medal hope Sarah Mercier and Katie 'Roaster' Rowe stepped up next in the women's 1,500m final. After a tense, tactical race, Sarah came through to take silver, only 3 tenths behind first place, with Roaster taking 7th after a well run race.

Finally, Mike Batiste ran in the men's 800m final. Up against tough opponents, Mike put in a valiant performance to place 6th, with Jersey's Elliott Dorey winning the silver medal.

Until next time... Josh

Day 3 Recap: Let the Games Begin...

Hi All

Sorry for not keeping up-to-date on the blog. As you can imagine, our schedule has been fairly hectic. Between watching athletics, having ice baths, supporting other sports and hanging out on the beach or by the pool, we have fallen behind. Not to worry though, here are all the updates...

Monday was a great day for athletics. To start the evening session off, Sam Wallbridge placed first in the men's 400m hurdles to win the first athletics gold of the Island Games. Following Sam, Hannah Lesbirel ran in the women's 100m final. Having PB'd in the heats, running 12.96, Hannah placed 6th in a fast final.

Up next were Glenn and I who placed 4th and 6th respectively with PB times of 10.96 and 11.04, Glenn only narrowly missing out on a medal to Mats Bowman of Aland, a Cayman Islander, and the winner of the event, Tre Houston, who set a new Island Games 100m record.

In the field events, Zoe Fitch won bronze in javelin with Ali Higgins placing 4th, and setting a new PB.

Sarah Waters jumped just shy of her PB in long jump, achieving 4.96 to come 7th in her Island Games debut.

To round off the evening, Mike Wilesmith ran in the men's 10,000m. Unfortunately, a fast race meant Mike had to drop out, mainly to conserve himself for the half marathon, having dropped slightly off the race pace.

More from us shortly... Josh

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hi guys

So the second day has been crossed off the island games calendar.

With training resuming as normal it had been observed that Sarah Mercier and Katie Rowe had been spotted doing relay practise with the mens 4 x 100m team after sacking off training with other LDC team members, this considered distance change has apparently been a long time coming.

However the question truly on everybodys lips is when will Nat Whitty finally go for a run?

The opening ceremony kicked us off tonight.

more updates to follow.

Lots of love Team Drizzie and LDC


Day 2 - Bermuda: Too Hot To Handle...?

Uproar has occurred within the Guernsey Team camp as local athlete, Hannah Lesbirel, is 'papped' sporting the prototype Guernsey Island Games kit for Jersey 2015. A copy of the viral image has been posted below, much to the displeasure of GIGA officials.

Friday, 12 July 2013


A mole at the opening Team Manager's meeting has leaked the news of ScooterGate. It seems that a senior team manager has spotted, despite warnings to the contrary, that someone in full Guernsey regalia was seen whizzing past the hotel on a two wheeled stallionette "I looked out of my balcony window and saw someone riding past must had been one of ours" said the horrified official.

Just who could this helmet clad sporting avenger be ?  the upper echelons of the Guernsey camp seems non-plussed but at the same time has arranged travel for one of our team managers to get to an important technical meeting whilst seemingly missing the other off the invite...presumably because they know he has his own transport.

Day 1... Crisis Averted

Blog Entry One: Crisis Averted

Well, yesterday was a long day. A LOOOONG day. However, following three flights, a couple of buses, quite a bit of queueing and twenty-odd hours of travel we're all here, safe and sound in lovely sunny Bermuda. Still, there was a fleeting moment early this morning (approximately 5.10am) just after our Air Miami flight touched down when it didn't seem like today was going to be quite so dandy. The potential crisis began when team manager, Geoff 'Big G' King stood up, turned round, and announced to us athletes that we were going to have a team meeting at 9am. Jaws dropped, looks of desperation were exchanged and general chaos erupted. Could he not see that as a team of teenagers and twenty-somethings, we're simply not programmed to wake before then?! Nat Whitty was particularly vocal in emphasising this point, and following a minute or two of deliberation Big G relented, the meeting rescheduled to 11am, and a potentially harrowing crisis averted...

Lots of love,

TEAMDRIZZIE and LDC (Long Distance Crew) xxx

P.S. I know this is a really short post but it's dinner time and I need to go eat, more to be published later!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

One Week To Go...

With the Island Games send-off party taking place last night at the Peninsular hotel, the mark is once again set for Guernsey's athletes to undergo final preparations for the Games, with only one week to go until the team departs across the Atlantic to Bermuda.